My Home Studio - An overview of the gear I use to make music.

Floppy Disk Drive Emulation - A list of equipment that I have tried to get working with the HxC and Gotek floppy drive emulators..

Behringer Model D "Nanomoog" - Behringer's Minimoog clone mounted in a home made case with a two octave keyboard.

Roland Serial Numbers - How to determine the year and month of manufacture for Roland and Boss equipment made between 1972 and 1989.

Yamaha QX-1 Job Command Table - Printable version for early models that have an incomplete list silkscreened on their front panel.

Super-MRC Shuffle - How to use the Quantize Rate of Roland's Super-MRC software to create shuffle timing.

Akai ME20A - User manual and clock output modification for Akai's ME20A arpeggiator.