Akai ME20A

Clock Output Modification

This is a page to collect together the user manual for Akai's ME20A arpeggiator, and details of a clock output modification that wasn't easy to find online. Just to be clear, the following description and schematic of the clock output are not mine.

My biggest complaint is the arpeggios that do not sync to any incoming MIDI clock signals. I tried to add a clock input, but due to the design I was unsuccessful. With the help of Juergen Haible, I was able to post gate output from the device. This gate output can be used to drive any analog sequencer, or used to fire notes from an analog synth. The rate of the gate outputs is then controllable via the ME20A's "Speed" control. This schematic is Juergen's design, I just redrew it to make it a little clearer. I also added the Akai component names to make it easier to find the places to connect the wires. The diode can be any signal diode (1N4148 or 1N914) and you can use any general purpose transistor that you have handy. The +5V source and ground can easily be taken from right around the 7905 voltage regulator ... Actually there are more holes in the PCB for capacitors (that were not installed in my unit) that can be used to attach to.

[clcok output schematic]

Akai ME20A User Manual