Floppy Disk Drive Emulation

The following is a list of music devices that I have managed to get working with a floppy drive emulator:

Akai X7000 samplerGotekFlashFloppy (Quick Disk version)
E-mu Emulator II sampler (sold)HxCHxC
Ensoniq EPSHxCHxC
Ensoniq MirageHxCHxC
Ensoniq VFX-SD (sold)HxCHxC
Roland MC500 sequencer (sold)HxCHxC
Roland MC300 sequencer (sold)HxCHxC
Roland MC50 sequencer (sold)HxCHxC
Roland S10 samplerGotekFlashFloppy (Quick Disk version)
Roland S330 samplerGotekHxC
Roland W30 workstationHxCHxC
Yamaha QX1 sequencerHxCHxC
Yamaha QX3 sequencerGotekFlashFloppy
Yamaha QX5FD sequencerGotekFlashFloppy
Yamaha SY77 synthesiserGotekFlashFloppy

The following is a list of music devices that I could not get working with a floppy emulator, although other people have reported success:

My Prophet 2000 has a floppy drive upgrade which possibly involved a new controller, so it may need a different configuration to those with the stock floppy drive and controller.