Studio: Synare Clone

[Synare Clone]

The Synare is a small, single voice drum synthesiser that's capable of a wide range of analogue drum sounds. Original ones fetch a considerable sum of money these days, so I bought this really well made clone instead. It features two channels, the first switchable between a high frequency oscillator or noise generator, and the second switchable between a high or low frequency oscillator. Both channels have a tune control and can also be switched off. The channels are fed into a filter with a simple envelope, that has controls for frequency cutoff, resonance and decay. The filter section also features controls for modulation by oscillator two and pitch sweep (I guess the latter's not really part of the filter circuit though). Finally, there's a simple envelope and amplifier with decay and level controls. There's a trigger input socket with a gain control that I connect to a MIDI to trigger module so I can sequence the machine from a drum machine or sequencer.