Studio: Roland JP-4

When I first bought the "Dare" album by The Human League, I was intrigued by the list of equipment they used. It included a Roland Jupiter 4 - I knew about the Jupiter 8 and the slightly more affordable Jupiter 6, but I'd never heard of a Jupiter 4. Later on I discovered it was Roland's first polyphonic synthesiser, and that it was overlooked by most people purely on the basis that it looked a bit "naff". Then I found out it was also the synth used on "Empires And Dance", "Sons And Fascination" and "Sister Feelings Call" by Simple Minds, which feature some really distinctive sounds. That decided me that I had to get a Jupiter 4. It's an odd synth, with only one oscillator per voice, but it's capable of a really wide range of sounds and also has a few nice features that other synths often lack, such as a high pass filter and chorus. It also has eight patch memories, which have been expanded to 64 using the brilliant Io upgrade kit. The Io kit consists of separate MIDI and programmer upgrades, but since I already had fitted a CHD MIDI upgrade, I just installed the programmer part.