Studio: ARP Omni II

Like all string synthesisers, the Omni is based on organ technology with a master oscillator that is divided down to produce each note. These simple tones are then passsed through a chorus ensemble effect that results in the distinctive sound of a string synth, which was intended to sound like a massed string section. The Omni is similar to the legendary Solina String Ensemble made by Eminent, and proved to be a very popular instrument for genres as diverse as disco, prog rock and early electronic pop. A Solina was used by Joy Division for the keyboard parts on Atmosphere, a track allegedly written on the spur of the moment when Bernard Sumner tinkered around with a Solina at Cargo Studios. Joy Division went on to buy an ARP Omni II, which compared to the Solina has additional synthesis features. It was this keyboard that featured on the Love Will Tear Us Apart single and Closer album.